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Genuine, honest moments captured from your Wedding day

 Reflex Films has a brilliant track record when it comes to weddings. The key to keeping them fresh is to limit weddings done each year.
In the wedding video industry burn out is very common. Trust me on this -You don't want a burnt out shooter /editor crafting your video.  As a professional corporate shooter Reflex can bring a different aesthetic to your video.

Focused on intimacy and honest moments (not overly contrived setups). 

Honest moments are what you want to be captured from the day. And Reflex is sensational at reading the play to get those moments. 


The USB arrived today and we've watched all the footage. It was absolutely incredible and we think you captured the love and fun we shared on the day perfectly.


I love the music you used on the video


We can't thank you enough for the amazing job you've done. This video will be something we treasure for the rest of our lives. Thanks again

Best wishes

Alannah and Sam

Hi Matt!!


Thanks for getting in touch we had a glass of wine and watched it last week! LOVED it!!!

Thanks again!

Jessica and Kyle

Hi Matt,

Thanks for coming!! It was an awesome day. You guys made it so easy.


The videos are awesome! You've done an amazing job! Can't wait to show them to the family who couldn't make it. The best part is defiantly when we're in the Kombi. haha




Scott and Dee




1. Your wedding's ambiance MUST BE RESPECTED.


Reflex only covers a limited number of weddings each year.

It is HYPER important that your Photographer and Cinematographer work as a team on the day. Many Brides leave this up to chance by hiring a photographer and video crew independently of each other. The result can be ABSOLUTE CHAOS. There has been a trend towards teams of film students being recruited to shoot weddings.

Unfortunately, they often shoot up close and wide on massive gimbal rigs throughout the whole event. This WILL drive your photographer BONKERS and negatively impact your photos.  it may even drive your celebrant and guests mad. You may even witness some nasty language between the photographer and video crew- who are now locked into mortal combat. In reality, you DON'T want a crew of video shooters (who will destroy your day's ambiance. Less is more) You DO want 1 experienced shooter working in symphony with the photographer. (Maybe 2 experienced video shooters max)  if you really want to go for it. The trick is to sit back and shoot on a telephoto lens (which delivers beautiful intimate moments while also keeping the event clear of extra people). We go creative crazy with wide angles, drones and gimbals after the ceremony- so don't worry the creative cinema action will still be created.

                       2. A little bit of drone is great. But NOT DURING AN OUTDOOR CEREMONY

I have seen this trend in wedding video. And some Bride's request it. Trust me- a few aerials before and after are great (location dependent). The last thing you want is a buzzing drone in the air during the intimacy that is your vows and ceremony. 


You want your guests to be in the moment. You don't want them experiencing the day through a mobile phone screen. Ask your celebrant to make an announcement to this effect. The result is an engaged audience. Plus Nick and I get clean shots without 10 mobile phones and ipads hovering in the frame. Our shots are going to trump anything anyone shoots on the day because we are bringing professional lensing and craft to the show.  This is such a simple approach that makes a  massive difference to the day. 




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