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Cinematic Communication 

At Reflex, we LOVE The POWER, possibilities, and opportunities that the combination of moving images and sound presents.


And we love working with organisations that feel the same way.Reflex are your experts at fast, efficient production.


And we make it super easy.


We start by assessing your goals and 

use 2 Decades of experience to

define the best vehicles and techniques to drive your message.


We then distill this to its bare essence

Then we find a great vehicle to deliver it.

We light and lens the video production so it shines.  

And finally we "bend time and space" in the edit.


Apply 1 part precision and 2 parts inspiration to all the processes above.


Finally, we broadcast your communication and measure its results



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Based in Perth since 2003 Reflex has delivered a diverse array of video communication projects


From feature presentations to investor pitches, event documentary productions, product launch videos, educational internal communications, customer-focused how-to videos, and even weddings. 


Business showcases are a specialty.


Book your free 30-minute discovery session 
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