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Reflex has over 10 years experience covering Real Estate.


This work covers everything from full build profiles shot monthly over 18 months to "Hero" property showcase video. Almost always utilising a combination of drone, gimbal, and slider shots. Sprinkle in some timelapse, a little bit of voice-over or interview audio and you have complete communication. 

For the best real estate videography results Reflex  provides a professional end to end service.

From video concept and design though to the shoot and innovative editing and graphics Reflex Can deliver the real estate marketing result you are after.  With 15 years of editing experience we can optimise the video to be the right duration and pace relative to the audience you are seeking to communicate with. 

Reflex produces professional video for large commercial project builders, luxury home builders, first home builders and every segment in between. We even shoot renovation showcases. 

Sound is so important for the best result for your real estate campaign.

Knowing how to move the camera is important BUT being able to set up easy interviews with designers, architects and project managers- so they can deliver genuine tone (quickly and without having to learn a script)  is a key part of creating a top flight professional showcase for your business or your project. When it comes to directing staff and customers for real estate videography you are in safe hands. 

Scripting high impact voice over is critical to delivering a complete professional video communication that will resonate credibility with your target audience in and around Perth and WA. 

Reflex has the experience to write and produce great voice over easily and cost effectively. 

Reflex drone experience is key, along with lens craft,  gimbals, time-lapses and a super efficient edit turn around workflow that gets your video working for you fast.

When your potential clients need to be reassured about your professionalism and dedication to a great experience throughout their projects Reflex Films are your go to video communication creator.