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Reflex Films is a fully insured & licensed UAV / Drone  operator
CASA License Number UOC 0738

Drone cinematography is generally included at no extra cost in all packages

With 6 years of Drone flying experience and  professional results.

Reflex Films  supplies some of the best drone services in Perth.  Drones are one of  the best productive solutions to cover high value building processes with professionally presented content.

Professional drone Aerial cinema is one of the best ways to showcase your final build in the case of a bespoke house or commercial building.

Events also benefit from a drone professional who can frame and move the camera through the action.

leaning into 6 years of experience flying and editing aerial shots.

In terms of efficient and fast service, Reflex Films can have your content delivered to you on the same day if you need it. 

Drone coverage is so efficient that we usually only need an hour or 2 on site.

This in turn avoids disruptions to your daily workflow.

The top 4 attributes to seek in your Aerial drone professional 

1.An experienced and skilled drone pilot who can fly smooth lines and understands how to design the aerial perspective into a complete communication.

2. Efficient and professional after-shoot service delivering photos and video edits or raw footage in a timely manner.

The after-shoot service is the most common pain point we have observed in this industry.

Having a gun editor and post-production professional avoids the pitfalls and traps of waiting for footage or incorrectly designed shots with no objective designed into the shoot.

This also makes for a faster shoot and less time on site for you while we deliver a targeted result. 

3. Insured and Qualified - unfortunately there are many uninsured and unqualified operators out there offering cheap work.

As CASA-qualified drone pilots we are drilled hard on risk minimisation. Often insurance is an absolute necessity when shooting on site. 

4.  Cinematography experience with traditional cameras.

Drone shoots often benefit greatly being mixed with ground  angles. For example, a big crane move on-site will look great in the edit when the perspective is used from both  a ground-based camera and an aerial perspective. The edit will shine in the dynamic between switching from the 2 shots.

When it suits  I will often run a stand-alone time-lapse while drone shooting - in order to deliver more value to my clients. 

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