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Reflex Films has been creating engaging video  since 2004 

Video communication requires experience to execute professionally.

Reflex makes professional media production easy while delivering a fantastic looking (and sounding) result

Reflex Film's customer-centric service approach makes your experience snappy and fast.

We start by assessing your goals and then use 18 years of experience to define the best strategy  and techniques to drive your video production message.

Typical projects are corporate communication (This can be for internal  (staff training or induction videos) OR  external viewing ( an event or product launch video) 

The sort of work we regularly execute:


“Onboarding” and recruitment video

Construction project build showcases

TV commercial content 

Brand Content

Media Training

And even weddings. (in VERY limited numbers -please see the weddings page for more detail) 

Business showcases are a specialty and a great way to use media to show the magic and passion you put into your business (these features of your business often aren't visible on the balance sheet- but are critical assets to your brand- let us tell the world about them) 

The combination of eye-catching lens craft and editing with a dash of production trickery means that your media production is created with attention to detail and high video production value. 

Reflex Films is known for the highest levels of service in the industry.


For fast turnaround and the best proactive service, you will struggle to find a better media creation partner. Which is why the majority of Reflex's clientele are long term, repeat customers.


We know that you have a lot more going on in your business than just your media campaign. So we make is EASY and AWESOME>

 I guarantee a professional high-value result from a  video production company that goes further to make the process is easy, the product is awesome and your goals are met.

For great results with  video production contact Reflex Films. 

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